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Human Evolutionary Psychology and Pop Hits Of The Seventies

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Human Evolutionary Psychology and Pop Hits Of The Seventies

I don’t like spiders and snakes (and that aint what it takes to love me).

When Jim Stafford sang this in the seventies, he probably did not think he was observing human evolutionary psychology. The fear of spiders and snakes is an almost universal human trait and the fear being completely out of proportion to the danger is a very common. Scientists surmise this fear has evolved because of human adaptation.

Human evolutionary psychology is of course the study of nature versus nurture. Are environmental forces stronger than genetic predisposition is the question?
In other words, say your Uncle Joe gets a bit tipsy on occasion, is it because he is unhappy or because Grandfather got a bit tipsy on occasion?

Behavioral genetics is the study of how genetics influence animal behavior, of course this include humans since they are animals or were the last time I looked. The behavioral genetic leaning is toward Uncle Joe inheriting his love of strong drink from his father through a genetic predisposition that seems to be more prevalent in some families.

Nothing at all against all Uncle Joes in the world, your Uncle Joe is probably sober as a church mouse. Now Uncle Bob....that is a completely different story.



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