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Top 3 Places To Pursue Your Psychology Studies

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Top 3 Places To Pursue Your Psychology Studies

The Gourman Report, published in the Princeton Review, ranks the top schools for undergraduate psychology studies each year. This year, Stanford University in California tops the list. This private university offers comprehensive Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree study concentrations. Specializations can be obtained in culture, health and development, cognitive science, neuroscience or society and mind. Undergrads can participate in supervised research, summer internships or on-campus volunteer work. Clubs include the Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Association and the Black Psychology Students’ Association.

According to the report, Yale University is the next best school for undergraduate psychology studies. Yale requires students to undergo 12 specialized psychology courses, along with a senior project in their field of interest, before completing a BA or BS. Psychology degree study concentrations include psychology / early childhood teaching, neuroscience or philosophy. Students will find ample opportunities to gain valuable, hands-on experience on-campus while pursuing psychology studies.

The third best place to pursue your psychology studies is the University of Pennsylvania. Majors must complete 13 credits before obtaining their BA or BS. Coursework covers everything from cognitive science, learning, personality and abnormal psychology to anxiety, psychological trauma and behavioral genetics. This school excels in its number of events, seminars and discussions pertaining to psychology studies. There are also paid volunteer positions available on-campus.



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