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Popular Jobs for Psychology Majors

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Popular Jobs for Psychology Majors

After graduating college with a major in psychology most people think that they are only limited to being a psychologist but that is untrue. There are hundreds of jobs that pertain to having a major in psychology.

Some of the most popular jobs in psychology are Social Worker, Mental Health Manager and Applied Behavior Therapist. They all make between $30,000 to $42,000 a year in their respective areas. Even with those being the most popular jobs in psychology there are still many other fields which you can pursue. With a major in psychology you can also deal with criminals in Criminal Psychology or help needy children as a Children’s Psychiatric Technician. Majoring in psychology opens the door to almost any other field that you want to explore. For people who also have an interest in science you could work as a Clinical Research Coordinator whose yearly income averages around $60,000. You can work in a wide range of social service and crisis positions. For people who enjoy helping others there are jobs in Mental Health or Home Health Aide. You can also help work as a Placement Specialist with an average yearly salary of $54,800. There are hundreds of other positions in nearly whatever else you want to do with your degree.

Majoring in Psychology does not limit you to one thing; it opens the door to hundreds of other positions that do make a difference in society.



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