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Psychotheraphy Psychology and Eric Erikson

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Psychotheraphy Psychology and Eric Erikson

Psychotherapy psychology is a tool that psychotherapists use to improve the daily lives of their patients through behavioral conditioning aimed at eliminating undesirable habits and irrational fears. Psychotherapy may be brief counseling sessions or may last over a span of years. There are many techniques that psychotherapy psychologists can use to help patients with behavioral problems. One type treatment is called systematic desensitization. Systematic desensitization is a most effective treatment for irrational fears and aversions because of its use of negative stimuli to end bad habits or fears. Another type of treatment in psychotherapy psychology is called humanistic therapy. Humanistic therapy is designed be an optimistic treatment in that the patient will be more willing to change if it brings about self-fulfillment.

Eric Erikson, child psychoanalyst, focused his psychotherapy research on the effects of society and culture on the psychological development of children into early adulthood. Erikson surpassed Freudians’ focus on dysfunctional behavior by searching for the many ways that the normal self is able to successfully function. Psychotherapists use Erikson’s Eight Stage Model of the Human Life Cycle to determine the developmental state of their patients. Most psychotherapy psychologists focus on Erikson’s Ego Identity versus Despair theory because this is when individuals discover self acceptance and develop wisdom. By using Eric Erikson’s research and discovery on effects of society and culture on the identity and behavior, many psychotherapists correctly diagnose their patients and treat them according to their mental development state.



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