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Exploring a Masters Degree in Psychology

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Exploring a Masters Degree in Psychology

So you've decided to go for a master’s degree in Psychology? Congratulations on having the courage to take on this exciting endeavor. A master’s degree in psychology can take a ton of effort and determination to obtain but it can take you many places!

The go to manual for anyone considering a masters degree in Psychology is the book “ Graduate Study in Psychology” published by the American Psychological Association. It lists, by state, most of the graduate psychology programs in this country. It includes information about admission criteria, how many students are accepted each year, number of faculty members, and where to get more information and an application. Anyone considering going for a master’s degree in Psychology should consider this book their bible. It's a great resource!

There are many psychology graduate schools out there to choose from. Stanford University is rated the top Psychology graduate school in the United States. If Stanford is out of your reach there are many fine psychology graduate schools at many other state universities as well. Psychology graduate schools consider the things you would expect them to such as GPA, Letters of Recommendation, GRE scores (graduate record exam) and your personal statement (essay).

The career possibilities with a master's degree in Psychology are endless. You can be everything from a school counselor to a master social worker to a fully fledged Psychiatrist or an FBI profiler. You only need to go for it!



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