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Prerequisites for a Masters Degree in Psychology

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What are the prerequisites for earning a masters degree in psychology?

Prerequisites for a Masters Degree in Psychology

Students seeking admission to a masters degree in psychology program will have specific prerequisites depending on the schools to which they are applying. These prerequisites may vary slightly from one school to another but there are some general requirements which students should expect. These may include achieving a bachelors degree, taking some specific psychology related courses during undergraduate study and taking the general area Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

Most masters degree in psychology programs will require the student to obtain a bachelors degree prior to applying for admission to the masters program. While some schools may require the bachelors degree in psychology other schools may only prefer for the bachelor degree to be in psychology. These schools may be willing to accept students who obtained other types of degrees as an undergraduate as long as all other requirements are met sufficiently.

Most masters degree in psychology programs will also require students to have taken certain psychology courses during undergraduate studies as a prerequisite to admittance to the graduate school. This may include both introductory courses as well as more advanced courses depending on the school to which the student is applying.

Taking the general area GRE will also likely be required by most masters degree in psychology programs. Some schools may have minimal scores which make a student eligible for acceptance while other schools will simply consider the scores of the exam along with all other application information. Many schools will publish average GRE scores for accepted students, however, and this information will provide a general guideline for the types of scores the school generally accepts.



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