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Online Psychology Degrees Tips

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Pursuing a Psychology Degree Online can help you achieve your dreams

Earning a degree online is convenient, and much more cost effective than attending a traditional college or university. Psychology degrees online are great for students wanting to pursue this career path, and they don’t have access to a traditional way of going to college.

Is distance learning psychology degree right for you? There are a few factors you should consider. Do you have the time management skills to commit to learning this way? Are you comfortable with modern technology? You need to be able to browse the Internet, do research, send emails and watch online videos. You will be doing most of your work with very little direction from your instructor.

Make sure when pursuing a psychology degree online that the organization that you choose to educate yourself with is accredited. Before choosing your school be sure to check with your state on the licensing requirements. You want to ensure your degree program qualifies you to get immediate licensure. When doing your research on potential schools don’t lose sight of your dream; which is pursuing a psychology degree online.


Earn the Right Counseling Degree Online

The best online courses for a counseling degree will offer classes in social and cultural diversity, human development, and communication techniques. These are the key traits of a successful and well-loved counselor. The best tip for earning a counseling degree online is to make sure your chosen school offers these courses in its regular curriculum.

The appeal to earning a counseling degree online is that it is from the comfort of your own home and many courses are offered on a “self pace” schedule. This is all fine and dandy, but that degree won’t mean much if the courses haven’t taught you what you really need to know in the field. How can you expect to be a good counselor if you haven’t been taught how to properly listen, understand, and communicate?

There are several types of counseling degrees, but each should require these basic skill-building classes. Look for classes such as “communication techniques” or “basics of human development” to be sure a particular online course has everything you need. If you’re still not sure after looking over the course outline, give the school a call. Making sure that a school has everything you need before you sign up is crucial to your future success, and can save you a lot of money!


Find a Online Counseling Degree Program

There are a lot of opportunities to receive a degree from schools that offer online counseling degree programs. The following are a list of colleges that have online school counseling degree programs:

1. Grand Canyon University (GCU)-This is a Christian-based school that is private and non-denominational. GCU uses something called Angel, which stands for ‘A New Global Environment for Learning’, which is designed particularly for online learning. The types of counseling degree program available at GCU are:
• Masters in Addiction Counseling
• Masters in Professional Counseling

2. Real-world practicioners who specialize in their field and instruct the class teach Capella University-Students. The type of online school counseling degree they offer are below:
• Human Services-Counseling Studies (MS)
• Human Services-Couple, Marital and Family Counseling (MS)
• Human Services-Mental Health Counseling (MS)
• Psychology-Counseling Psychology (MS)

3. Walden University-This private, graduate institution offers education catered to those who work. They offer the following online school counseling degree.

• Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling
• Ph.D. in Human Services in Counseling

Outlook on Employment for a Counseling degree:

The outlook on employment for a counseling degree depends on the degree, type and position. The growth of counseling employment for all professionals from 2006 to 2016 is projected to improve 21% with an increase of 136,000 new jobs. In the area of behavioral disorders and substance abuse there is an expected 29,000 new jobs, an increase of 34%. In the areas of vocational, school, and educational counselors there is an expected increase of 33,000 new jobs, an increase of 30%. In the area of family and marriage counselors there is an expected increase of 7,000 new jobs, an increase of 30%

What are the secrets to obtaining psychology degrees online?

The Secret to Psychology Degrees Online

There is no real secret to obtaining psychology degrees online. Whether you are seeking an undergraduate or a graduate degree, there are plenty of online options available. However, the amount of options available can make the process of applying to schools and fulfilling degree requirements seem mystifying. Students should first consider the degree they wish to obtain and then determine which online schools offer this degree. They should also consider areas of concentration and determine whether or not the online school they select offers courses related to this aspect of psychology.

Once a student selects an online school, they should become familiar with the requirements for online psychology degrees. Students should be aware of this information before committing to the school to ensure they will be able to fulfill all of the degree requirements within the allotted time period. Once the student has this information and enters the school, it will be necessary to register for classes in a timely manner, diligently apply himself to course materials and complete homework and tests in a satisfactory manner to obtain the desired psychology degree.

Related Tip: Psychology degrees online are, in many ways, earned in a fashion very similar to degrees earned in a traditional classroom setting. The most basic as well as the most important aspects of earning psychology degrees online is to first research and select an accredited school, verify the types of degrees offered and research the requirements to obtain these degrees and take and pass all of the necessary courses. Online students do have a great deal of flexibility in terms of when and where they complete their studies and attend lectures or download course materials but the educational requirements and the process of succeeding within the program are very similar to the process of attending a traditional classroom setting.

What types of online psychology degrees can I earn?

Types of Online Psychology Degrees

There are a variety of online psychology degrees available to students who are seeking a degree in this diverse and challenging field. Students may wish to obtain their undergraduate or bachelors degree in psychology online or they may wish to pursue graduate level degrees such as a masters or a PhD online.

There are many options available for students seeking online psychology degrees at an undergraduate level. While many of these programs are valid and will help the student to reach his goals, care should be taken to select accredited programs which offer courses of interest to the student. Online psychology degrees can also be obtained at both the masters and the doctoral level. However, there are typically few online options available for these more advanced degrees. For this reason students should be particularly discriminating when selecting a university to ensure the chosen school offers everything the student is seeking in a degree program. Masters and doctoral degree programs typically require the student to select a specific course concentration such as adolescent psychology or substance abuse counseling. As with traditional schools, not all online programs will offer all of the available programs. Student with a particular interest in mind should seek out schools which offer a variety of courses as well as a specialized degree program in this particular field.

Related Tip: Online psychology degrees open up a wide range of options to students. Students who wish to maintain a fulltime job while pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in psychology may find online courses help them to achieve their dreams. The flexibility which is offered through online programs makes it possible for students to attend classes around even the busiest schedules. While online psychology degrees are becoming increasingly popular, students entering these programs should choose programs offered by accredited schools if they intend to pursue a career or higher level degree in psychology.

Is an online psychology degree really valuable?

The Value of an Online Psychology Degree

Many students who are considering an online psychology degree may be somewhat apprehensive about pursuing this type of degree as opposed to a degree from a traditional college offering a classroom setting. This concern may exist because the students are fearful potential employers and graduate school programs may not recognize the value of this type of a degree. However, it is important for these students to note an online psychology degree from an accredited university may be considered just as valuable by potential employers as a degree earned in a traditional classroom setting.

An online psychology degree earned from an accredited university will not likely be considered detrimental to most potential employers as well as graduate school programs. These potential employers and admissions administrators, in most cases, will recognize the amount of work required to achieve this degree and will judge the candidate on his performance as opposed to where the degree was obtained. While the name recognition of certain prestigious schools offering psychology degree programs may be very beneficial to some graduates, most graduates will find it is still possible to obtain jobs and admissions to graduate degree programs without a degree from these renowned institutions.

Related Tip: The true value of an online psychology degree is closely related to the student's personal preferences as well as his financial and family obligations. As long as the degree is earned through an accredited school most potential employers as well as graduate school programs will value an online psychology degree as highly as a degree obtained from a traditional school. However, for students who seek out this type of degree the most valuable aspect of an online degree is the ability to earn this degree while not having to neglect other family or career obligations. For these students the flexibility offered by an online psychology degree program is incredibly valuable because it helps the student to achieve his goals in a convenient manner.

What are the online psychology degree requirements?

Online Psychology Degree Requirements

The online psychology degree requirements may vary slightly from one school to the next. However, there are some general requirements which are fairly standard among candidates for a bachelor degree in psychology. These include a minimum number of total credit hours, a minimum number of credit hours within the psychology program including a number of both introductory and advanced courses and even the completion of courses related to mathematics, science or statistics.

Online psychology degree requirements will likely include a minimum number of total credit hours as well as a minimum number of credits in psychology related courses. Students should expect to be required to earn approximately 120 total credits with approximately 40-55 of these total credits being relevant to the psychology degree. The courses specific to the students major should include a number of required introductory courses as well as a variety of more advanced elective courses.

Online psychology degree students should also expect certain requirements in mathematics and science. This may include courses such as calculus, biology and statistics. Mathematics and statistics courses are necessary because they will be very beneficial to students in compiling, evaluating and understanding data during experiments. Science courses such as biology are also important for understanding aspects such as brain function.

Related Tip: Although most online degree requirements will require students to obtain approximately 120 total credits and roughly 40-55 credits within the school of psychology, students should also be aware some online programs will require students to earn a number of these credits in a traditional classroom setting. These online psychology degree programs will likely include this information as a prerequisite for admittance into the program but may also expect the students to participate in these classes in conjunction with online courses. Therefore, students should investigate the online degree requirements carefully before applying to ensure all requirements are thoroughly understood.

What are my online degree in psychology options?

Online Degree in Psychology Options

Students who are pursuing an online degree in psychology have a variety of options available to them. These options may include the courses which are selected, the number of courses which are taken online and the methods of interaction with teachers and peers. While some of the options relate specifically to taking online courses, other options are similar to those shared by students who are pursuing a degree in a traditional classroom setting.

Options for students seeking an online degree in psychology include the number of courses which the student will be taking online. Some programs may allow the student to take all courses online while others may require students to take a portion of the courses in a classroom setting. Students should investigate these options carefully before selecting an online program to ensure they will be able to fulfill all degree requirements.

The elective courses the student wishes to take is one of the options common to both online and traditional classroom students. There are typically a series of introductory courses which are required of all students seeking a psychology degree but students usually have the freedom to select more advanced classes based on their particular focus of study. This enables students to spend more time learning about aspects on which they may wish to concentrate their studies such as adolescent psychology or substance abuse. Students who have a particular concentration in mind should ensure the school they select offers a variety of courses which will be relevant for the student when it comes time to select elective courses.

Finally, students pursuing an online degree in psychology should carefully consider the methods of interaction with teachers and peers before committing to taking online courses. This is critical because the learning process may be hindered greatly by this if the student is unable to adequately communicate with teachers and peers to ask questions, seek clarification or express opinions.

Related Tip: The online degree in psychology options may seem overwhelming at first. Students are likely to discover they have many options available to them and it is necessary to fully evaluate all of these options before making final decisions about the whether to attend an online school or school featuring only a traditional classroom setting. Looking at all of these options carefully will prevent the student from making mistakes which may adversely affect the learning process.


Avoid Scams as Pursue Online Psychology Degrees

There are legitimate programs that offer online psychology degrees; however, there are also scams. For this reason, if you are interested in studying psychology online in the hopes of attaining a degree, it is imperative you do your research.

Start out by contacting traditional colleges that offer a psychology degree program. Even if these courses will not allow you to obtain your degree online, they may offer some of their courses online. They may also be able to tell you about authentic programs where online psychology degrees are offered.

Next reach out to individuals who are studying psychology or work in the psychology industry. They may be able to offer you insight into some of the available opportunities to study psychology online. Not only can they verify whether or not a program is legitimate, but they can also give you worthwhile feedback on the degree program.

Online communities such as forums and social networking groups can also be useful. In particular groups which focus on the subject of online psychology degrees will help to point you in the right direction. Here you will find candid information on the positive and negative aspects of a number of different degree programs.

Once you acquire a list of possible options for your online psychology degree it is time to check the accreditation of the school. This is important because a degree from a school that is not accredited may not be worthwhile because many potential employers will not recognize your degree.


Get Your Psychology Degree Online

Psychology Degree Online

There are many adults who would like to receive a psychology degree but do not have the ability to get to the classroom to do so. This has created a need for online classes in a university setting. Universities have answered that need in the form of online psychology courses and degrees online.

The days that required sitting in a classroom setting in order to receive a bachelors or masters degree in psychology has become a thing of the past. The average college student’s needs has changed and universities have drastically increased their availability and curriculum in order to accommodate the student’s needs.

That being said, it is very easy to acquire a psychology degree online. Online psychology courses are available through a variety of universities. A simple search on the internet can glean a variety of programs that are available to anyone who is contemplating becoming a student in the near future.

Many universities also offer a combination of online and on campus classes for anyone who are interested in utilizing both types of classes. It is possible to receive both a bachelor in psychology degree and a masters in psychology online. This is an excellent way for adults to receive a higher education from the comfort of their own home.


Earn An On Line Psychology Degree In Your Spare Time

Students who are interested in the study of human behavior should think about a career in psychology. Positions for well trained psychologists are available in hospitals, counseling or crisis centers, large corporations, and universities. An option for those who would like to earn a degree, but have other responsibilities such as a full or part time job can study for an on line psychology degree.

Colleges and universities today understand that a large number of students are employed and classes held in traditional brick and mortar classrooms are not suitable for all students. Graduates who prefer the flexibility of home based education can study for an online degree in psychology. Students who opt to train at home study the same sub-groups of psychology that include child, health, clinical, and industrial.

Various levels of psychology degrees can be earned online, and choices should be made according to how long students want to continue their studies. For example, a degree for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, or a Bachelor of Arts in psychology will take up to five years to complete. Because online classes can be done on your own time, some students may finish the courses faster than others.

Diligence and discipline are the two most important factors of online studies. Students who successfully complete their training will enjoy successful careers in their chosen field. Information on schools and colleges that offer home studies in psychology can be found on the internet.

Can I obtain a masters degree in psychology online?

Online Psychology Masters Programs

Online psychology masters programs are available to students who wish to fulfill degree requirements online. Students may have a number of different reasons for wishing to do this. One of the most common reasons students seek out online masters degree programs in psychology is because they enjoy the flexibility these programs offer to them. Students can often maintain a fulltime job as well as fulfill family and social obligations while pursuing a masters degree online because of the flexibility available to students. Unlike traditional classroom settings where students must take classes during particular days and times, online students can often download course materials or listen to prerecorded lectures at their convenience.

Students who are interested in online psychology masters programs, however, may find there is an increase in flexibility with these programs but a decrease in options available to them. This is because some specialized concentrations may not be available to students online. Students should also be aware they will likely be required do participate in some research and practical work experience while pursing an online masters degree in psychology. Students will not likely be able to meet these requirements online and will therefore have to seek out alternative ways to achieve these degree requirements.

Are online psychology programs right for me?

Online Psychology Programs for Everyone

Online psychology programs may not be for everyone but there are many students who find this type of learning to be ideal. Additionally, there are a variety of programs available to suit a wide variety of student needs. Before entering an online psychology program, students should carefully research the course requirements and carefully evaluate the characteristics which make students successful in online learning situations.

Students who enter online psychology programs should consider the following when deciding whether or not an online learning experience is right for them:

  • Their ability to learn independently
  • Their ability to focus and motivate themselves without a great deal of oversight from course instructors
  • The amount of time they have available to dedicate to course work
  • How well they feel they can succeed in a text based environment versus a classroom setting with lectures
  • Their computer abilities and whether or not they will be able to download course materials and communicate with instructors and peers successfully

How do I select online psychology courses?

Selecting Online Psychology Courses

Students who are taking online psychology courses either in pursuit of an online degree, in conjunction with traditional classroom studies or as part of a continuing education program will have to make decisions about the courses they select. The decisions the student makes will depend on a number of different factors including the goals of the student, the degree program requirements, the preferences of the student and even the courses available currently and in the future.

Students who are taking online psychology courses because they are pursing a degree will have to consider which courses will help them to fulfill their degree requirements. These students may be required to take a number of introductory classes as well as more advanced classes. The students will usually have a variety of options available to them for the more advanced classes. A student should select these classes carefully to provide a balance of courses which not only fulfill the degree requirements but will also maintain the student's interest.

The availability of courses will also factor into the decision making process. Some schools may offer certain classes only during specific terms. Students should be aware of these restrictions especially when these courses may serve as prerequisites for other courses which are either required or desired. Students should plan carefully to ensure they are able to take all necessary classes as well as all desired classes. Most schools will provide information regarding which courses are not offered every term.

There are a variety of online psychology courses available to students. These may include both classes which are necessary to complete degree requirements as well as classes which may be of interest to those participating in continuing education programs. In selecting online psychology courses students should be cognizant of which courses will help them meet their goals while also fitting in to their current schedule as well. This will help to ensure the student is able to obtain the desired degree without overextending himself in the process.

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