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Psychological Tasks Help to Create a Long and Happy Marriage

According to the American Psychological Association, separating your identity from your parents and siblings is one of the psychological tasks that will help to promote a happy marriage. Of course, this does not mean that you should physically separate from your family and refuse to acknowledge them in your life. Just be sure that you have your own identity and know who you are based on your own beliefs and experiences. Politics and religion are two belief systems that are typically formed during childhood and adolescence. Many people visit the same denomination of church that their parents brought them to as children without ever exploring other belief systems. While you may not stray from your childhood religion, learning about other beliefs can help you to be open and well rounded, which can help when you combine your life with someone else.

Prevent the workplace and family from intruding on your time together and maintain a healthy sex life in your marriage. While it may be difficult at times, remember the feeling of falling in love with your partner. Discuss with each other those moments during your courtship when you knew you were in love. It can help to overcome many obstacles.

Psychological tasks help couples make their marriage a refuge in a difficult and sometimes harsh world. Couples can work together to deal with daily obstacles and hard times and keep the marriage romantic and loving. In a tough world, the refuge of a happy marriage provides comfort and support.

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