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Maturity Tips

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Psychological Maturity

Legally, the chronological age of maturity is 18 years old. But when discussed in a psychology forum, most would agree that there's really no definite age that psychological maturity happens. It's really a person's life experiences, collective knowledge, and method of putting it all together that forms this type of maturity.

A great example of this can be seen at any college across the United States. While college has a great reputation for being a time to party it up, many see it as a time to buckle down and work hard. The level of maturity a student needs to succeed in college is really tested during these times. They need to not only budget their time wisely and focus on studying, but also ward off the temptation to go out and party with their friends. Maturity means being able to find a good balance of both things. All parents sending their kids off to college worry about if their child has the psychological maturity to do this juggling act once they're out on their own.

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