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Worthwhile Psychology Programs

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How do I know if a psychology program is worthwhile?

Worthwhile Psychology Programs

Determining which psychology programs are worthwhile will depend on a wide range of factors. Students who are considering entering a psychology program for either an undergraduate or a graduate degree are encouraged to consider their career and personal goals and then evaluate the programs accordingly. This is important because the worth of a psychology program is closely related to whether or not the program can assists the student in reaching his career goals.

Most importantly a student should consider whether or not psychology programs are accredited in making a decision about the worth of the program. This is especially important if the student intends to pursue higher level degrees or seek out employment using the degree obtained through this program. This is relevant because graduate schools and potential employers may not accept degrees from unaccredited universities as valid.

Next a student should consider the types of degrees and courses offered by the school. This will help in the decision making process because it will enable the student to eliminate any schools which do not offer the degree he is seeking as well as schools which do not offer courses of particular interest to the student.

Finally, the student should consider factors such as cost and location. This is important because while certain psychology programs may be worthwhile, they will not be beneficial to the student if he either cannot afford participation in the program or cannot physically attend the school due to factors related to location.

Related Tip: There are many worthwhile psychology programs but each student must carefully evaluate the worth of these programs in terms of his own specific criteria. This may include factors such as degrees offered, courses offered, location and cost. Worth is a relative term and while one program may be ideal for one student's needs it may be inadequate for another student's needs.



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