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Psychology Fields

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Psychology Fields

In the field of psychology, there are multiple psychology fields that one can study under. Below will be a brief description of popular psychology fields.
Beginning with abnormal psychology, this is simply the study of abnormal behavior. These professionals are typically found in clinical psychology and study behavioral patterns and their causes.
Psychology of advertising is based on customer behavior. Techniques are taught on how to attract customers.
Art psychology is the field of human creativity. These individuals analyze characteristics of art and how it is produced.
Psychology of behavior deals with the behavioral patterns of humans in order to find out why humans behave the way they do.
Biological psychology deals with how examining biology of human behavior works. Behavior is seen as functioning in the brain.
Similar to biological psychology, neuropsychology attempts to understand how the brain impacts behavioral responses in humans.
Child psychology focuses on how children develop. It keys in on social, personal and emotional development of children.
Clinical psychology focuses on treatment of health disorders in psychology. It strives to find out psychological functioning of humans.



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