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State Colleges and Universities

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What are state colleges and unversities like?

State Colleges and Universities

State colleges and universities are subsidized by their states, so the costs of attendance are lower for state residents than at private colleges and universities. Many state colleges and universities have excellent reputations for academic excellence, vibrant student life, and a range of programs or departments and courses. Housing is often available on or near campus. The costs can be high for tuition for students who are not state residents, although scholarships, grants and/or loans may be available. In the undergraduate years, in particular, class sizes may be very large, in the hundreds in large lecture halls, and it may be very difficult to arrange one-on-one time with instructors. If you're considering research, you may want to find out about research projects on campus with which you might be able to become involved. Be sure to look carefully at the course catalog and requirements for graduation.



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