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Admissions and Costs

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Can I get into college with my grade point average?

Admissions and Costs

Your GPA and the costs of college will be only two of the factors for your consideration in choosing and being admitted to a college. You must have graduated from high school or have earned a high school equivalency. Colleges also consider college admissions test (SAT, ACT or another one) scores. Your extracurricular activities and, perhaps, participation in outside activities such as employment, volunteer work and community organizations may count too.

If your GPA is below the required one and the average GPA of people admitted to the college, you may decide to forego applying there. If it's close, then you should look at the number of people admitted in the last couple of years and the number who applied. If the competition has been high, as is true of many high prestige schools and large universities, then you may not have much of a chance. Add in your extracurricular, other activities and test score(s). If these aren't particularly impressive, your application is probably a long shot.

If your main concern is financial aid and not whether you can get into the college, talk with your high school counseling office or the college's financial aid office. Never assume that you won't be able to attend a college of your choice if you qualify, just because you can't afford it. Scholarships come in more than merit- and need-based forms. Some depend on a family member's membership in the sponsoring organization or other factors. There are also grants, such as Pell and others that don't have to be repaid. Many colleges have college-based grants available and you may qualify for paid work-study too. Loans are also an option. Fill out the FAFSA Financial Aid Application online or ask for assistance at a college financial aid office: This will determine the amount of federal aid for which you qualify. Still, a college may surprise you what they'll offer as assistance if they particularly want you as a student. The results of the financial aid application are often used to determine eligibility for other aid too. You can find the application form and more information at



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