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Psychology Job Settings

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Where could I work with a psychology degree?

Psychology Job Settings

The settings in which you plan to, and initially, use your Psychology Degree can be important to deciding your academic and career path. Although you will likely work in more than one setting during your career, where you apply your education at first can be critical to your longer term career goals; later admission for a higher degree; advancement opportunity; and even if you'll remain in the field. Job setting may also, of course, be one determinant of your pay and job satisfaction. Deciding on the general types of work settings you'd like before you begin study towards your first, or even a second or third, degree may help you to choose your educational program too.

Can you picture yourself working in a school or higher education setting? Do you like or dislike the thought of working in a hospital? Does the autonomy of private practice and business acumen you'd need for private practice appeal to you or might that feel too isolated to you? Do you like the ideas of supervising others, planning, policy-making, writing, public speaking, or managing budgets and programs? In other words, would you rather work in a research, administrative or direct service environment?



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