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Working with a Psychology Associate's Degree

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What work in the field could I do with an Associate's Degree in Psychology?

Working with a Psychology Associate's Degree

There are human service jobs where you can use an Associate's Degree in Psychology, depending on the job market where you will live and hope to work. Some of these might be; teacher's aide, case management aide, family support aide, residential case manager, government benefits case worker, teen mentor, childcare worker and other possibilities. These are usually entry-level positions, although with experience there might be opportunity to advance in some organizations. This will depend on the organization and the work.

Some people with Associate's Degrees work in resource referral positions, in human resources, in development (fund raising and grant writing, as examples) and in grass roots campaigning, political action and organizing capacities. Some people with Associate's Degrees work in hospital, human services and education reception and admissions positions. They may also work as testing assistants, training assistants, psychiatric hospital technicians and in any number of other capacities where psychology can be put to practical use.

Again, check with a college-based or other career counselor, do your own job market survey, as described under, "Degrees for Counseling and Therapy," and look at job market projections for health, education and human services sectors. You may want and need to work in one of these jobs while you continue your education towards another degree, perhaps a Bachelor's, a Master's and even a Doctorate in Psychology. Many professionals start out with an Associate's Degree in Psychology.



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