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Research Psychology

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What is Research Psychology?

Research Psychology

Research Psychology focuses on conducting qualitative and/or quantitative studies and writing reports and articles on results to further knowledge in the field. Although quantitative research is sometimes described as objective and qualitative research is often referred to as subjective, both are considered important in the study of Psychology and usually both are part of Psychology Research training. Courses generally include, at least, Psychology concepts, theories, research design, methods, statistics, data analysis, ethics and often some therapy coursework too. Sometimes, research is one part of a job that includes counseling/therapy, or psychotherapy, and/or administrative, consulting, testing, and/or advising.

Quantitative psychological research involves an emphasis on objectively measurable research methods and empirical research design. Qualitative psychological research relies on more subjective research methods, such as the use of focus groups, case studies and surveys for data.



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