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What is an Associate's Degree?

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Is an Associate's Degree in Psychology an undergraduate or graduate degree in Psychology?

What is an Associate's Degree?

An Associate's Degree is considered an undergraduate degree. Some of the courses required are not directly related to Psychology, but are useful to success in Psychology courses and to gaining a higher degree later on. Those courses, such as English, often help students learn skills that are helpful within a job too. Most colleges require further English, Science and Math courses beyond high school levels, in addition to Psychology courses.

Some of the psychological theories and concepts may seem strange at first, but most students who stick with it find that the content becomes more clear. Many students also feel frustrated with these foundation courses because it's difficult to see how they will ever be able to apply the knowledge. Again, in time and with further study, most students find that the knowledge they've gained is applicable to whatever work they do with people.

An Associate's Degree is usually considered a paraprofessional degree. You might be able to work serving people as an aide or in another entry level position within a mental health, developmental disabilities or another human service organization with an AA or an AS. With an Associate's Degree, you would probably be supervised by someone with a higher degree or more experience.



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