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Accredited Online Associate's Degree in Psychology

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Can I earn an Associate Degree in Psychology online?

Accredited Online Associate's Degree in Psychology

An Associate's Degree in Psychology may also be earned through an accredited online education program, some of which are through colleges and universities.

    The other questions to answer, follow:

    • Is the program offered through a known community college, four-year college, university or well-recognized online education institution? (If it is, that's some assurance that the quality of the program will be good.)
    • What are the faculty qualifications listed on the web site or in materials you order from the web site or by phone? (Look for at least Master's level educated instructors, where their degrees were earned and years of teaching experience. You might also want to see if any of the faculty specialize, or have experience in, a particular aspect of Psychology that interests you.)
    • Does the curriculum look similar to other programs' curricula and make sense to you?
    • Does the program require a high school degree or equivalency? (Credible Associate degree programs require a high school degree or equivalency, unless it's a special program designed for earning the high school equivalency or otherwise gaining the knowledge and skills of high school equivalency while completing the Associate program.)
    • Is there a trial version of a course on the web site so that you can test the ease of online participation or are you already familiar with the program they use for online participation? (If you aren't familiar with it, then test the trial version. If there is no trial version, email or call them and ask for a trial version.)
    • Is the cost of the program comparable to other programs you're considering, and if not, does the quality appear to be less or better than those of of other programs enough to justify the cost difference? (You might also want to think about how credible your degree will look on your resume if it's from one institution as compared to another.)
    Some colleges and universities offer a combination, or choices, of on-campus and online courses that can be applied towards an Associate Degree in Psychology. There are pros and cons to taking both online and on-campus courses. These include the possible rewards and enhanced learning through development of strong relationships with faculty and other students when taking courses on campus, and the convenience of not having to appear on campus for classes when taking courses online.



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