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Managing an Online Masters Degree in Counseling

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How do I manage an online masters degree in counseling?

Managing an Online Masters Degree in Counseling

Students who are pursuing an online masters degree in counseling have a number of unique challenges they will inevitably face. The coursework required for this type of degree is likely to be rigorous enough but when the taxing coursework is combined with the nature of online study the difficulty can be greatly exacerbated. This is because many students who pursue online degree programs are attempting to manage a number of different factors which may include work, family and social obligations in addition to completing their coursework. Finding adequate time for study in this situation can be difficult.

Students attempting to obtain an online masters degree in counseling will likely have to make a number of compromises to earn their degree. The first step to do this will include making a list of priorities. These students should consider all of their obligations and rank these obligations accordingly from most important to least important. After this exercise it may become obvious some of the obligations can be eliminated and some will require a great deal of time and energy. The students can then determine how much time they can afford to devote to pursuing a degree in counseling. This information combined with the degree requirements will dictate whether or not it is possible for the student to earn a degree while fulfilling other work, family and social obligations.

Related Tip: Obtaining an online masters degree in counseling may not be a feasible option for all students. Some students are better suited for a traditional classroom setting while other students are more likely to thrive in an online environment. Students who are capable of earning a degree online generally have the following characteristics: enjoy independent study, are focused and can meet deadlines with minimal supervision, do not require a great deal of interaction with the instructor, are adept at using a computer, learn well when the information is primarily offered in a text based format and are comfortable contacting instructors via methods such as email, telephone or fax when face to face meetings are not possible.



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