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Applying to Psychology Schools

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What psychology schools should I apply to?

Applying to Psychology Schools

Applying to psychology schools is a process which is both difficult and time consuming. Students who are considering graduate psychology schools may be overwhelmed by the number of options available to them as well as the relatively low acceptance rates. However, students who are well organized will find the process to be much more manageable than students who take a haphazard approach to applying to psychology schools.

Before applying to psychology schools, students should carefully consider the options available to them and should determine whether they wish to apply to a masters degree program or a doctorate degree program. The application requirements for both will be rather similar but the amount of time required to complete the programs as well as the career possibilities after completion of the programs will vary dramatically. Therefore, the amount of time available to complete the education process and career aspirations should be carefully considered before applying to psychology schools.

Applying to psychology schools is not only an arduous process but it can also be an expensive one, especially if the student is applying to a large number of schools as each school will likely have an application fee. Most students wish to apply to schools which are their ideal but are highly competitive, schools which are less competitive and schools which are the least competitive. However, students who do not have the funding available to apply to a large number of schools may have to limit themselves to applying to schools to which they have a greater chance of being accepted.



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