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Obtaining a Counseling Degree Online

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How can I obtain a counseling degree online?

Obtaining a Counseling Degree Online

Obtaining a counseling degree online can be a rather difficult process. A counseling degree will typically require a student to obtain a masters degree. A bachelors degree in psychology is typically a prerequisite for admissions into a masters degree program. This means students interested in obtaining a counseling degree online should have already completed their undergraduate degree either online or in a traditional university. Once a student has an undergraduate degree in psychology he can apply for admissions into online programs offering a masters degree in counseling psychology.

The requirements for obtaining a counseling degree will typically include completing approximately 60 credit hours in courses closely related to the degree. A full time student may be able to complete these course requirements within two years. However, when obtaining a counseling degree online and taking courses on a part time basis the student may take longer to earn the degree. Students should verify all graduation requirements to ensure the degree is completed within an allowable timeframe. This is important because some colleges may place restrictions on how long it may take a student to complete degree requirements.

Related Tip: Students seeking to obtain a counseling degree online may include those who previously completed a bachelors degree in psychology and are already working at a full time job. For these students taking online courses while working full time is an excellent option because it allows them to maintain an income while continuing their education. It may not be possible for these students to take classes on a full time basis, however, so it may take them longer to earn their degree than it would take a full time student in a traditional school.



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