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Finding Psychology Degree Scholarships

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Where can I find psychology degree scholarships?

Finding Psychology Degree Scholarships

Students may qualify for psychology degree scholarships based on a number of different criteria such as academic performance, financial need or even ethnicity. However, finding, applying for and receiving these scholarships is not always an easy process. Even students with exceptional grades may find obtaining a scholarship to be a rather difficult process. Fortunately there are a number of resources which make the process of seeking out potential scholarships easier.

The American Psychological Association (APA) website is one valuable resource which provides students with information about potential scholarships as well as information on research grants and work-study opportunities. Although the APA website compiles all of this information in one convenient location it is still necessary for the student to evaluate all of the information and determine which scholarships for which to apply. Students are welcome to apply for more than one scholarship opportunity and may use more than one scholarship to cover the financial costs of obtaining a psychology degree. Some scholarships may allow students to apply the funding to tuition while other scholarships may enable the student to use the funds for other related costs such as boarding or books.



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