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Maintaining Psychology Degree Scholarships

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Can I lose my psychology degree scholarship?

Maintaining Psychology Degree Scholarships

Maintaining psychology degree scholarships is an important issue which students should be aware of before accepting any scholarship opportunities. This is especially significant in scholarships which are based on academic performance. These scholarships will likely have specific requirements under which the student will remain eligible for the scholarship. This may include criteria such as taking a minimum number of credit hours per semester and maintaining a minimum GPA. Failure to do this may result in the scholarship being revoked. This will be particularly problematic if the student is unable to pay for school without the scholarship.

Even scholarships which are based on factors such as ethnicity or other demographics may be subject to certain restrictions. Again requirements such as a minimum number of courses and a minimum GPA are common. However, other requirements may exist and failure to adhere to these requirements may result in the scholarship being revoked. To avoid this problem students should carefully review all of the requirements to maintain the scholarship and should work diligently to ensure these requirements are met.



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