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Learning About Psychology Licensing Requirements

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How do I learn about psychology licensing requirements?

Learning About Psychology Licensing Requirements

Psychology graduates who are interested in obtaining licensure in the field of psychology have a number of options for learning about psychology licensing requirements. Contacting the state licensing board for the state in which they wish to practice is the most reliable resource. The psychology licensing requirements may vary slightly from one state to another but the state licensing board should have a list of the specific state requirements. Most state licensing boards have a website which graduates can use to learn more about the licensing requirements.

Graduates may also consult with licensed psychologists in the state in which they intend to practice to learn about licensing requirements. Most graduates work for awhile under the supervision of a licensed psychologist before applying for licensure. The licensed psychologist who is mentoring the graduate should be aware of the licensing requirements. Faculty advisors who mentored the student during graduate school can also be a useful source of information regarding licensing requirements. However, the graduate should still confirm all of the information with the licensing board to verify accuracy.



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