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Types of Psychology

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Types of Psychology

Psychology scientifically studies mental behavior and reactions. The study in psychology makes interpretations based on a person's social conduct. This study is made on the conscious and unconscious mind. Every aspect of a person's life is taken into account and includes such areas as:
• Personality
• Relationships
• Mental faculty
• Behavior
• Cognition
• Reactions
• Emotion
• Perceptions

There are many types of psychology. In psychology, exploration is made through the neurological process of human behavior. Below is a list of some branches in psychology and the characteristics of each.

Clinical Psychology- the aim of this type of psychology is to relieve stress brought about by psychological reasons.

Abnormal Psychology- This aims at understanding the abnormal behavior of an individual.

Cognitive Psychology-also called experimental psychology, in the study of mental process that causes behavioral traits.

Neuropsychology- this is academic work and usually takes place in clinical setting. In neuropsychiatric work assessments of a person's state of mind for things such as, court cases, expert witnessing, appearing in court or working with offenders. In addition, a Neuropsychologist may work in industry such as research of drugs in a pharmaceutical setting.

Developmental Psychology- this branch is the study of the development of the mind.

Comparative Psychology-is the study comparing animal and humans.

Biological Psychology- In type of Psychology explores the behavior that comes from reaction within the nervous system

There are a lot more branches of Psychology that range from global studies to evolution and health. Every aspect in the life of a person is studied in Psychology.



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