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Types of Psychology.

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Types of Psychology.

There are many different jobs and kinds of psychology. Psychology is a wide field and has a type to suit almost any interest.

The most popular type is the one that most people are aware of which is Clinical Psychology. It's the most well known and it focuses on treating people with mental or emotional disorders. Community Psychology focuses on how humans interact with their community such as school or in their neighborhoods. It's similar to Environmental Psychology which studies how human interact with their environment. Experimental Psychology is in the category of abnormal psychology. It studies human interaction and biology, involving mostly people and animals. Family and Counseling Psychologist can be somewhat related. Family Psychology doesn’t only deal with families but the individual within the family. Social Psychology is becoming more popular types of psychology; it evaluates how we interact in the world with all the media surrounding us. Another type of abnormal psychology is Sports Psychology. It helps deal with the emotional and mental burden felt by both amateur and professional athletes. A newer type of psychology is Positive Psychology which focuses solely on mental wellness. Forensic Psychology is also a very popular type; they study criminal behavior and work beside law enforcement.

There are many different types of psychology but whatever field you go into needs to suit your interest and your abilities. There is a type of psychology for everyone and whatever you want to achieve.



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