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Career Choices Available for a Person with a Counseling Psychology Degree

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Career Choices Available for a Person with a Counseling Psychology Degree

Counseling psychology is a psychological specialty, which covers interpersonal and personal functioning and research in issues such as emotional, multi-cultural, educational, health-related, social, organizational concerns, developmental, vocational, the integration of theory and practice. This process helps people get rid of distress and maladjustment, enhance their well-being, resolve crises, and function better throughout their lives. Counseling psychology gives unique attention to normal developmental issues and problems connected with physical, mental, and emotional disorders.

What Does a Counseling Psychologist Do?

A counseling psychologist is involved in a number of agencies such as schools and
private and government organizations. They also teach at an undergraduate and graduate college level, do research, are involved in family and individual therapy, and hold academic administrative positions such as a dean of a college. The following is a list of setting that a counseling psychologist may work with:
• In adolescent development
• In child development
• In vocational psychology
• In substance abuse
• With anxiety disorders
• In sport psychology
• In forensic psychology
• Health psychology such as aids, cancer and long-term care cases
• In adult development and aging
• In neuropsychology
• With aggression and anger control
• In rehabilitation
• In community psychology
• With eating disorders
• With developmental disabilities



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