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Psychology Associate's Degree is Just the First Step of the Journey

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Psychology Associate's Degree is Just the First Step of the Journey

There is not too much you can do with a psychology associates degree, most work in the field requires an advanced degree, even a doctorate. It is best if you continue your education if you plan on staying in the field.

While continuing your studies, you can try to get a job with a state or federal agency that will hire someone with an AA degree. Contact the human resources department to find out what is available. State run welfare offices are a good place to look, as are correctional institutions. Agencies that deal with or help the handicapped may be willing to hire someone without an advanced degree. These may not be government agencies, but non- profit organizations.

There is a lot of room for advancement in the field of psychology. There is much more opportunity than just hanging a shingle and getting patients. Explore all the avenues before you. As you earn the higher degrees, try out new jobs. Don't close any doors, and keep an open mind as to what you might like to end up doing.



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