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Careers With a B.A. in Psychology

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Careers With a B.A. in Psychology

Students that receive a Bachelor of Psychology can find careers in three different general areas. They are business, research and human services. In business the company often hires sales people with psychology degrees. This is because a psychology major knows how to understand customer motivation. Often sales positions lead to management if someone has a talent for this type of career. Psychology majors have a good understanding of human behavior as it applies to why people buy products. This often creates success in the business sector. These businesses include consumer products, government, insurance, finance and banking. Here the student with a Bachelor in Psychology finds success.

Research jobs often apply to advertising and marketing in companies. The skills the psychology major learned in collecting data from consumers is important. The job titles are market research assistant or research assistant. Knowing how to find data and analyze is a skill many companies pay well for. A Bachelor in Psychology teaches you these skills.

In the area of Human Services a psychology major can find employment with children's social service agencies, elderly services, psychiatric hospitals, drug and alcohol treatment centers and nursing homes often as a counselor or technician. Psychology majors should do volunteer work or perform an internship when attending classes. This is the best way to gain experience in their field. If they can try different setting this is a way to find the job that is best suited for their personality. A Bachelor in Psychology is a way to get many interesting jobs.



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