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The Best Psychology Schools

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The Best Psychology Schools

Massachusetts has some of the finest psychology programs on the East Coast. The study of psychology requires students to align themselves with a school of thought. The best psychology schools design their programs with an emphasis in one field of research, study, and professorship.

The Harvard program focuses on cognition and behavior, and supports fields of study in social psychology; clinical psychology, experimental psychology, and developmental psychology.

The department encourages students to cross-register at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to learn new technologies that support research.

The Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP) curriculum focuses on practical psychology for graduates to provide clinical services in key areas of concentration most impacting today’s society including eating disorders, children’s health, and family environments. Unique to MSPP is a curriculum offering cross-cultural studies and a concentration in Latino mental health.

The graduate school emphasis experiential education, social responsibility and attention to personal growth to meet the evolving mental health needs of our society.

The Wellesley program is designed to address social and cultural shifts in society, emphasizing social responsibility. Graduate specializations include developmental, clinical, organizational/industrial, social, personality, counseling, educational, cognitive, and neuropsychology.

The department is empirically oriented, placing a strong emphasis on understanding and using scientific methods in the study of behavior.

Harvard University, Department of Psychology
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
Wellesley, Department of Psychology



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