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The Potential Missteps In Experimentation For The Debate In Perceptual Psychology

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The Potential Missteps In Experimentation For The Debate In Perceptual Psychology

Choosing between the nature aspect of perceptual psychology and the empirical side is a matter of how you see how humans acquire their perception. The nature aspect believes that humans are born with their perception intact. The empirical side believes that humans learn this behavior from their environmental surroundings. There is no correct answer to the debate as experiments for both sides have considerable limitations.

The problem with trying to apply experiments to one side or the other of perceptual psychology is that experimentation often lacks a consistent tone. This leaves much of the field open to questions about the validity of the experiment itself. The sheer individuality of humans and how they perceive their environment is difficult to measure in a clearly scientific manner. Thus, any experiment will need to take both the inconsistency and the experience of the humans into account prior to achieving a successful result.

One of the biggest challenges comes with experimenting with babies. It is crucial that tests for perceptual psychology be done in the same developmental stage. This is because the growth process will negate the results due to the expansion of their perception capabilities.



2/15/2012 2:21:42 PM
Alissa said:

Another side to this debate could involve mental development as a result of perception. To an extent the mind in one way or another may develop the humans perception or the perception leads to the humans we could become.


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