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Human Behavioral Psychology

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Human Behavioral Psychology

Ever wonder why people do what they do? Many of us do! By observation we can learn a lot about human beings. With this being said, behavioral psychology is an important study that focuses on actions, thinking and feelings of humans. Many psychiatrists, sociologists, psychologists and psychoanalysts have their own views on human behavioral psychology. Especially when it comes to developmental theories.
One of these developmental theories is the attachment theory. Bowlby, who is a British psychologist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, states that infants are born with the need and desire to bond and seek direct contact with a human being. He believes that this is due to the infant's fear of others. He also believes that humans are born with the desire to be in a loving relationship.
Bowlby states that infants feel stress when being separated from their mother. He also believes that when the mother and infant are reunited after a short-term separation that warmth calms this distress. Long-term separation can lead to suspicion and anxiety when the uniting of the mother and infant occurs. Bowlby believes that this does not change until an infant turns into an older child. This is due to the fact that older children can visual their mother and come to the realization that she will return.
This is just one theory that makes up human behavioral psychology. More specifically, this is a developmental theory. It also makes up a smaller classification known as a social learning theory.



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