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Licensed Therapist Job Outlook

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Licensed Therapist Job Outlook

In a time of economic uncertainty, it is a good idea to choose a field that has a positive outlook for the coming years. Becoming a licensed therapist or having psychology licensure securely in place is a great way to protect your income in the near future at least. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, this field is expected to grow at a faster pace than the average for all occupations. This of course will depend on what field you are in and how much education you have received.

In most areas, you are required to achieve a master’s degree to be considered a licensed therapist or counselor. This can vary from state to state and the area you are interested in, even though job openings are expected to exceed the number of graduates from psychology licensure programs in the near future. For example, counselors in educational, vocational and school based counseling are expected to grow at a rapid 14%. If you are interested in helping others, a secure job outlook and decent wages, becoming a licensed therapist is the way to go today.



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