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Jobs You Can Find with a Psychology Degree

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Jobs You Can Find with a Psychology Degree

Psychology relates to the study of behavior, both human and animal. It seeks to understand why people or animals react in certain ways to specific situations or events in their lives. If you plan on earning a psychology degree, you may wonder what types of jobs are available to graduates with this particular type of degree. Before enrolling in a psychology program, you should research the types of opportunities that will be available to you.

Most people who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can find jobs in a variety of psychology-related fields. For example, psychology majors can land jobs in human resources, public relations or market research. People with an educational background in psychological studies can work as substance abuse counselors, youth workers or community outreach personnel.

Graduates who hold masters or doctoral degrees in psychology enjoy a wider array of opportunities. For example, they may work in the fields of clinical psychology, counseling, sports psychology, school psychology or research. Some graduates may choose to enter medical school so that they may become licensed psychiatrists.

As you can see, a psychology degree can provide you with many interesting career opportunities. Working in a psychology or psychology-related field permits you to use your understanding of human behavior in order to benefit people from all walks of life.



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