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Psychologists: The Helping Profession

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Psychologists: The Helping Profession

Those seeking psychologist careers are often attracted to the idea of helping others. This can involve a clinical practice, working in a school or even as an industrial psychologist helping a business run smoothly and increase productivity.

Most psychologist careers require continued to education to get a Masters degree or PhD. These programs are extremely competitive and potentially difficult to get into. Licensure is dependent on the specific field, for example a school psychologist will require different credentials than a psychologist practicing in a private office. Some type of license is required for any position that involves advising or counseling patients.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for psychologist careers is growing at an average rate. Due to an increase in awareness of bad behaviors, importance of mental health in students and the need for companies to increase productivity, there is a definite increase in the need for psychologist careers. However, the majority of the growth will be in jobs that require higher degrees which will result in a lot of competition.

Because getting into a graduate or doctoral psychology program is competitive an individual might seek other jobs with a psychology degree. Some options might include human resources, case management, marketing and administration. Basically, a psychology degree can be beneficial to any career that involves working with people.



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