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The Versatility of a Psychology Degree

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The Versatility of a Psychology Degree

Wait, you’re majoring in psychology? What are you going to do with that? Don’t you have to continue on to your PhD to make it count? Are there really any psychology employment options out there? In this economy? Unfortunately, these questions and many others like them are very familiar to students who have chosen a major in psychology. More and more, specific trades or courses leading toward the business or medical field are favored over a liberal arts education. Contrary to popular belief, though, psychology degree careers are bursting with opportunity.

Indeed, one could continue on to graduate school, choosing a more focused plan of study such as clinical, counseling, forensic or industrial psychology. But there are available alternative career paths as well. Your degree, so centered in human development and communication, transitions smoothly into a career in business, politics, marketing, education or management. In fact, because more people today change careers a few times over the span of their lives, such a versatile degree may be more useful and fruitful in the long run than any other. So what can you do with a degree in psychology? Hold your head high and say, “Anything.”



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