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PhD Psychology Degrees: Career Flexability to Last a Lifetime

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PhD Psychology Degrees: Career Flexability to Last a Lifetime

Earning a PhD psychology degree is by no means easy. A doctoral program in psychology will normally require five to seven years of graduate coursework beyond a bachelor's degree, including a year-long professional internship. But if you have an interest in the social sciences and an aptitude for working with people, becoming a psychologist will provide you with a lifetime of job security, as well as an almost endless variety of career choices.

When most people think of psychologists, they think of the therapist you go to in order to talk through problems. This type of psychologist has a doctoral degree in clinical or counseling psychology and works in a hospital, clinic or in private practice. But a forensic psychologist, for example, might spend most of their time working with local law enforcement agencies or with the courts, testifying on behalf of children in divorce proceedings, or giving expert testimony on the likelihood of an accused criminal becoming a repeat offender.

Another type of psychologist is a school psychologist who works with children and young adults in their learning communities. Industrial psychologists are employed by the corporate world make work environments more productive. Research psychologists study how and why people behave the way they do. You can also become a professor of psychology with a PhD psychology degree. Your career possibilities as a psychologist are only limited by your imagination.



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