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Benefits of a BA in Psychology

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What are the benefits of a BA in Psychology?

Benefits of a BA in Psychology

When people are deciding on a major, one option that is viable is a psychology major. People who get their bachelors in this area may think their options are limited, but there are some great careers paths that people can take.

For one, having a bachelors in psychology is great because it showcases that people have developed their personal skills. Jobs such as a manager or event planner would be ideal. These job require a lot of interpersonal skills, and having a bachelors in psychology certainly goes a long way in these fields.

Writing is another option for people who have this degree. There are a lot of writing intensive courses incorporated in psychology, which helps enhance a person's writing abilities. For these people, they can seek job such as a freelance writer and write topics covering mental health related problem. People may think that a BA in psychology is useless, but there are some great career paths that people can go down.



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